The Common Problem

For many businesses, nearly every job, task, and chore can be completed within the confines of a fixed location.

However, for a portion of the working world, specifically service providers, your customers don’t exactly have the ability pick up their homes, buildings or properties and just bring them to you for servicing.

Instead, you have to get your employees to them and resolve their issues wherever they reside.

This division of a business, therefore, requires a mobile workforce who are constantly out in the field serving your valued customers.

The Management Challenge

As a manager, owner, or dispatcher who has experienced the task of scheduling and tracking mobile employees, you are well aware of the issues that arise.

All it takes is for a couple unexpected problems to occur and your company’s productivity can drastically drop. Which in turn decreases your profitability.

How can we help?

Here at YourRadar, we are aware of these issues and that’s why we created a workforce management software that is specifically designed to mitigate and resolve many of the problems that come up when dealing with a mobile service based business.

Does it sound like this might just apply to your business?

Are you curious as to how you can fix it?

4 Great Reasons To Try Out YourRadar:


Supplies visual confirmation of your employee’s progress and whereabouts

YourRadar GPS tracking system allows managers to see the location and working hours of every single employee currently in the field. By tracking multiple employees on different job sites, managers will know exactly when the job was started and instantly track whether or not the job is going to be completed on schedule.

By having instant access to employee locations and progress, managers can accommodate for certain jobs taking longer than expected and assign the next closest employee to take over for the delayed party. This reduces missed appointments, unnecessary overtime, and improves customer satisfaction.

Reason 2

Reduces time spent micromanaging


Owners, managers, and dispatchers all have been appointed with the difficult task of organizing and scheduling the different tasks or jobs of workforce employees. It is on them to ensure that everything is running smoothly, yet at the same time be prepared for the unexpected. An important aspect of this is ensuring they have the right tools to mitigate the time spent on mundane tasks and fixing problems.

By creating job completion estimates the person in charge of scheduling will know whether or not an employee is close to being over or under of their completion time. Instead of that employee being late for their next appointment, the scheduler will be able to see in real time who else is available and how far away they are from another job. This means less phone calls and more effective action.

Reason 3

Provides employees with information as they need it

For an employee out in the field, few things can be more frustrating than information overload. On the other hand, it’s just as irritating having too little information and being forced to figure it out piece by piece. By using YourRadar, your employees will have access to important information as they need it.

When each employee begins their day, they will be given a list of jobs and within each job is a breakdown of what to expect. Customer contact info, job site checklist, tasks, and location. If an employee gets taken off a job and put into another, they will have everything they need contained within the file of the next job. They can even see what progress was made by a previous employee and continue on from that point. Only the most important information is immediately present, but all other details can be accessed as needed.

Reason 4

It’s backed by a trusted organization


YourRadar was inspired, designed, implemented, and is now fully managed by the dedicated staff at Kobelt Development Inc. (KDI). For over 26 years KDI has provided software solutions for businesses throughout North America and has been trusted by a variety of businesses including Toyo Tire Canada, Vulcan Automotive, and Zodiac Hurricane Technologies. The reputation of KDI is something it’s employees hold dearly and consider to be one of the essential ingredients to a successful business. It is our promise to provide you with the best products and service possible for a fair and honest price.

We stand by this statement and in working with us, hope you will see it to be true.

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