What happens when one of your technicians get diagnosed with COVID-19?  Your business is shut down by the public health authorities and the site was quarantined for two weeks!  This is what happened to one of our clients.  They had completed phase I of the migration to YourRadar earlier in the year.  Now his glass service business was put on hold.


One of Doug’s dreams was that he could use YourRadar to manage his business from a tablet on the beach.With the shut down he would be managing his business from home.  Doug moved quickly to get his office staff to work from home.This enforced the discipline of going paperless and storing everything related to a quote and work order in the online portal.  His field technicians were either recovering from the COVID-19 or were in isolation so no one else could get infected.He had to defer some work and he made arrangements with a competitor to ensure that his customer’s immediate needs were met.

Post quarantine the office is now open but now Doug has made some changes.His staff are still working from home.  Procedures are in place for the safe receipt and assignment of parts to his technicians.  The technicians are now separated by a scheduled pick-up time for their parts.  There is greater physical isolation in their work yet they are coordinated and connected by their supervisor and YourRadar.  Now that Doug and his staff have overcome COVID-19 they are preparing to go onto Phase II of their implementation.

Feature 1

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