Your Radar was created by the team of software engineers and designers at Kobelt Development Inc. (KDI). 

The idea for Your Radar stemmed from an internal need. Our client demand was growing and we needed a way to stay organized so we could best serve our clients.

One of the most effective ways of doing so was through tracking our own network technicians to ensure they could visit clients as efficiently as possible. Thus, Your Radar was born.

Since its inception, Your Radar has only become more dynamic and useful for workforce management. Of course, we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves, so now we want to share the Your Radar app with you.

What makes Your Radar special?

That’s a great question, and one we are proud to answer. As you know Your Radar is backed by KDI. A business whose foundation was based on a number of key metrics.

One of the most important being customer service. To some companies, this may mean simply being available when the customer needs help. At KDI, we see customer service as an opportunity. It’s a chance to go above and beyond customer expectations. Instead of simply providing a service we want to provide a means of success.

When we develop our services, we are not thinking about how our customer can make us successful, but how instead we can make our customers successful. If we can accomplish this, our own success will follow.

Everything we do revolves around this mindset and Your Radar is no exception.

More About KDI

Kobelt Development Inc. is an information systems support company which provides top quality and consistent client care. We strive to offer the very best information systems support for our clients with our IT and business expertise. KDI takes client care to the next level by offering customized services and products that are adaptable to create the perfect solution for assisting in smooth business operations. With efficient information systems and web-based applications, our aim is to help businesses maximize their potential.

KDI strives to provide innovative solutions for clients, who range from national corporations to small retail stores. Not only do we aim to take away the disturbances your business is experiencing, but also aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. We are consistently remodeling our services and products to better assist our clients, and always have a few innovative web applications in the process of being developed.

The primary service we offer is assisting our clients in any way we can by tailoring products and services to very specific needs. Our aim is to grow and maintain full satisfied customer relationships while assisting with the growth of their businesses.

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