Works for all Types of Companies

Use Your Radar for virtually any Trade Service Company; especially those dealing with a mobile workforce. Our different pricing packages and system configurations work perfectly for all types of businesses.

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  • Avoid missed appointments
  • Straightforward and easy to use scheduling module
  • Staff can effectively manage their own availability
  • Display client bookings, vacations, and days off
  • No more overbooking
  • No more playing phone tag
  • Quickly organize and book appointments online

Timecard & Check in/out

  • Employees can see jobs on schedule
  • Check in once they begin their work
  • Check out once they finish
  • Quickly reference timesheets
  • Add in travel time and mileage


  • Reduce hours spent on time sheets
  • Improves turn-around time on billing and invoice by a week
  • Easy to follow step-by-step process
  • Immediate time/invoice submission
  • Boost efficiency of your staff and company
  • Convert saved time into billable hours
  • Helps comply with provincial/state occupational health and safety regulations

Jobsite Surveys

  • Provide employees with onsite checklists
  • Avoid left behind tools or forgotten items
  • Ensure proper job completion
  • Cover liability for false accusations
  • Create surveys for building quotes

Contact Management

  • Manage all your contacts, clients, vendors, and suppliers
  • Reduce time searching emails, phone numbers, and names
  • Provide employees with essential contact info when they need it
  • Add notes to contact to ensure sufficient customer knowledge
  • Allow staff focus on customer service and generating billable hours

Bonus features:

  • Vacation Management
  • Request hours
  • Inventory¬†management
  • Expense reporting
  • Attach Documents
  • Generate quotes
  • Adjust currency
  • Track assets

Want to learn more? Check out these videos:

What is Your Radar?

Scheduling & Billing Demo

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