A field management software solution. YourRadar offers commercial and residential service businesses an all-in-one solution to automate their business processes. Billing, dispatching, and scheduling can all be done more efficiently through YourRadar.


Works for all Types of Companies

Use YourRadar for virtually any Trade Service Company; especially those dealing with a mobile workforce. Our different pricing packages and system configurations work perfectly for all types of businesses.


Order Scheduling and Task Assignment/Reminders

  • Avoid missed appointments
  • Straightforward and easy to use scheduling module
  • Staff can effectively manage their own availability
  • Display client bookings, vacations, and days off
  • No more overbooking
  • No more playing phone tag
  • Quickly organize and book appointments on a single platform
  • Visual presentation of total quotes vs. total jobs of the day
  • Boost employee efficiency
  • Create task lists & reminder prompts to finish tasks
  • Virtually remind other employees of their duties to keep everyone at work accountable
  • Set employee goals instead of micromanaging
  • Technician Calendar
  • Site Visit Scheduler
Dispatch Calendar


  • A flexible system customed to your company’s needs
  • A drag and drop feature that schedules jobs onto a calendar
  • Ability to classify work orders into “buckets” that you name, i.e. by job or priority
  • Classifies employees skills so you do not send the incorrect employee to a job
  • Colour codes categories to your preference

Quick Estimate and Lead Tracking

  • Manage all your contacts, clients, vendors, and suppliers
  • Reduce time searching emails, phone numbers, and names
  • Provide employees with essential contact info when they need it
  • Add notes to contact to ensure sufficient customer knowledge
  • Allow staff focus on customer service and generating billable hours

Highly Flexible Quotation, Work Order and Invoice Entry System

  • Increase productivity with an easy-to-use and flexible entry system
  • Create a quote or work order in five minutes or less
  • Equip on-the-field technicians to handle quick estimates and work orders
  • Option to select pre-defined equipment, shapes and, or dimensions
  • Able to add images and other material related to a quotes, work orders or invoices

Extensive Search Capability

  • Use an internal search engine to find quotes/work orders/invoices in seconds
  • Quickly search the entire integrated system
  • Avoid employees losing or misplacing documents
  • Eliminate booking mistakes by automatically finding active work orders before creating new ones
  • Save time by efficiently searching through relevant information
Search Feature

Robust Customer Information Tracking

  • Make customer profiles to improve personability
  • Elaborate on customer profiles with a Notes section
  • Deliver consistent service and fast-track problem resolution
  • Use autofill and autosuggest fields on returning customers
  • Improve billing accuracy and timely collection

Visual Representation of Quotes or Work Orders Life Cycle

  • Provide staff with a visual representation of customer profiles to view contact information, notes and job information
  • Provide a visual indicator of a work orders life cycle
  • Track quoting until a work order is created
  • Track work orders from beginning to end
  • No more jobs falling through the cracks
Site Visit Scheduler

Versatile Communication Platform

  • Maintain customer and vendor relationships by sending personalized emails
  • Provide quotes, invoices and PO’s as a PDF files
  • Swiftly send quotes and invoices to customers
  • Send purchase orders to vendors with minimal effort
  • Use the internal communication platform to immediately send work orders to technicians on the field

Easy Purchase Order System

  • Track ETA date for PO’s
  • Track vendor acknowledgement
  • Provide drawing and images attached to PO’s
  • Send vendors detailed information with images
  • Create and back order shop supplies

Highly Customization Product Management

  • Easy set-up for special pricing and discounts
  • Contract pricing for selected customers
  • Able to set-up multiple pricelists
  • Option for pricing method to define units of measurement
  • Include images for inventory items based on name or product ID

Easy Integration with an Accounting Software

  • Connects to most popular accounting packages
  • Accurate and reliable bookkeeping
  • Completes thorough error checks
  • Includes a resolution centre
  • Technician Calendar
  • Dashboard

Dashboard On The Go

  • Able to work off-site
  • Web-based
  • Use it on Mac or Windows

Simple Mobile Time Sheet

  • Easy-to-use Timesheets that technicians can fill out to check in and out of each job
  • Gain additional billing hours
  • Efficient Expense Submission Sheets
  • Improves billing and invoicing time by one-week
  • Provides On-site Checklists
Technician Timesheets
Technician Dashboard
Technician Planner

Integrated Mobile Quote and Work Order System

  • Dispatched jobs automatically appear on a technicians job sheet
  • Notification alerts are sent to let the technicians know of a new job
  • Improves efficiency by allowing technicians to create quotes and work orders on the field
  • All quotes and work orders are consistent
  • All team members are up to date with the current jobs

Track Inventory and Equipment

  • Tracks mobile inventory
  • Tracks on-site equipment
  • Demonstrates in real-time, current inventory
  • Monitors equipment and inventory for restocking
  • Add parts or equipment to a job site and search for history
Technician Timesheets

Bonus features:

  • Vacation Management
  • Request hours
  • Inventory management
  • Expense reporting
  • Attach Documents
  • Generate quotes
  • Adjust currency
  • Track assets

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