Five Important Questions:

1)  Are you a service company?

2)  Do you have field technicians/employees?

3)  Do your employees visit customers out in the field?

4)  Do you have between 1 – 50 office personnel?

5)  Are you looking for SIMPLE software that will allow you to run a more organized, efficient and profitable business?

If you answered YES to these questions, then YourRadar is the exact software you need

Why should you choose YourRadar as your workforce management software?

YourRadar is made to be easy to use, effective, and cost-efficient for organizing your mobile workforce.

Customized software for your needs

We understand that each and every business is built differently. Each one has its own unique strategies, employees, services, and customers. That’s why we take the time to provide you with workforce management software that fits your unique business needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Reduces Time On Redundant Tasks

When managing multiple employees out in the field, managers need to be aware if jobs are going to be done on time. With YourRadar, you can easily use the map feature to check-in and see the exact locations of your workforce. You can also see whether or not the job is “on time” for completion. All without making a single phone call.

Trusted service

YourRadar is designed and maintained by KDI, a trusted computer services company with over 27 years of service. When you sign up for YourRadar you get more than just software. You get the dependable assistance of a reputable services organization that offers more than just basic software. We provide fully backed customer service.

Tailored Pricing for the best value

By choosing YourRadar you get easy-to-use software for a fair price. We have monthly rates that are customized to the size of your company. No amount of employees is too small or too big.

Simplified user interface

Saving Time Shouldn’t Be Complicated. This is a statement we stand by. The purpose of workforce management software is to save time, not create more work for your employees. That’s why when we designed YourRadar we kept the end users in mind and ensured it was a simplified process. From implementation to user interaction, YourRadar is quick to access and easy to use.

Multiples forms of service

Because YourRadar is backed by KDI you get access to multiple other tech services all under one roof. If you need additional add-ons or features, we can create it for you. We can also offer services such as Network Data ProtectionOffsite Data StoragePreventative MaintenanceNetwork Implementation, and Website Hosting and Design. Plus much, much more.

Not sure yet? Here’s 4 more reasons

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