Order Scheduling and Task Assignment/Reminders


As a dispatcher or a business owner, you know the frustrations that arise with scheduling employees and jobs.
Having a single platform to schedule jobs makes it easier to organize bookings. The scheduling module is straightforward with a calendar that displays available time slots and customer appointments. You can quickly book appointments and eliminate overbooking.
Managing personnel schedules is easier than ever by giving employees the responsibility to administer their availability and vacation time.


  • Avoid missed appointments
  • Straightforward and easy to use scheduling module
  • Staff can effectively manage their own availability
  • Display client bookings, vacations, and days off
  • No more overbooking
  • No more playing phone tag
  • Quickly organize and book appointments online
  • Visual presentation of total quotes vs. total jobs of the day
  • Boost employee efficiency
  • Create task lists & reminder prompts to finish tasks
  • Virtually remind other employees of their duties to keep everyone at work accountable
  • Set employee goals instead of micromanaging

Task Assignments/Reminders

Micromanaging employees by constantly asking them what they are working on does not generate productivity. Try setting employee goals, this will boost employee efficiency and productivity. Creating task lists with reminder prompts for employees to complete is a great way to keep everyone at work accountable.

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