In this case, there are two options. First, you may simply have overwritten your quote price automatically generated using the job pricelist with a price of $0. In this case, simply change the number that appears in the further information quote box that is displayed to the desired quote amount when editing the quote and the click the blue save button.

Alternatively, you may not have input your job pricelist data yet. Without pricelist data, your system sets the quote price for every single job at $0, and therefore, no matter how many jobs you add to your quote, the price will remain at zero after it is saved. To update your pricelist, find the job option in the top navigation bar and a hover over “job pricelist/item” to display the pricelist options. Next, click on update pricelist to display the price list. Here, you may either use the specific item or bulk update to update the pricelist. If you would like to only update the price of the specific job for which you are creating a quote, type in the name of the job in the specific item update box, click on the blue select items button, and click the green next button. Here, you can update the price by typing the new value and clicking on the blue “adjust amount button”. When you are satisfied with your new price(s), click on the green “submit adjustments” button to save the new pricelists.

If instead you would like to update multiple pricelists, use the bulk update box and select an item category from the drop down list and click the black “select items by category”, the “select all” button and the green “next” button. Here, you can easily type in new prices for each job listed. When you are satisfied, click on the blue adjust amount, and the green submit adjustments button to save your updated pricelist.

You should now be able to see the quote amount when re-opening quotes in the quote page.

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