It has been a few months since the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and our world has drastically changed. A second wave is on the horizon, and thinking about what to do next may be daunting. However, it does not have to be, unlike the first wave, we can prepare for a second wave.

Working from home is not a new development, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a new norm. Unfortunately, the epidemic curve is no longer flattening but rising. If your employees have gone back to the office, then it is time to think about remote working options again.

A common problem of remote work is the loss of communication. Physically, you may not see your co-workers, but staying connected through other means is essential in the success of a cohesive team.

The long-term effects of working from home are still foreign to us. The answers to questions such as “Will working from home decrease our human connection?” are unknown. As of right now, technology is a solution to remote collaboration. One of the many advantages of having technology at our fingertips.

Through technology, we can achieve effective communication. Tools such as Zoom enable productive ways of virtual communication. How can you boost employee collaboration while working from home? Here are three hacks to master team collaboration while working remotely:

Have an internal communication platform: Having an internal communication platform amongst employees eliminates unnecessary back and forth emailing. Send co-workers a quick note instead. It will cut down reply times and increase productivity.

Establish communication norms: The key to collaboration is to establish a clear understanding of what the company’s communication norms are, like appropriate reply times. Moreover, try organizing virtual weekly meetings. Meetings provide an opportunity to share ideas, information and keep the lines of communication open between managers and employees.

Use a web-based management software: Pre-pandemic, the point of having a web-based management software was not to prepare for one. Yet, working with one proved to be an advantage. Both security and technical support are provided, and centralizing data means that it is accessible over the web from any computer amongst employees. Although everyone is physically apart, everyone is working collectively on one platform – all you need are your credentials to access it.

YourRadar assists in remote cross-team collaboration. Check us out for a web-based management software that will improve your commercial or residential field service business. Don’t get caught up in a panic; take the right measures to prepare your company against COVID-19.

We may not exactly know when the next crisis is coming, but being aware of the resources at our disposal is vital. Virtually collaborating is smoother for those who have the right tools to succeed. As we dive into the future, we must plan efficient ways of working physically apart.

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