Closing a sale is an art; it takes strategy, training and lots of practice, especially in the service industry. Skilled service technicians did not sign up to be salespeople and may not like upselling, and we cannot blame them; no one likes a pushy up-seller. The trick is to do it at the right time and with the right intentions. As a business owner, it is crucial to know how to close sales if you want your business to grow confidently. Growing your bottom line means passing this knowledge down to your service techs. Here are a few techniques we’ve learned from experts in the trades industry:


1. Demonstrate that your intentions are genuine

Showing your clients that you care for their business is essential by getting to know them. This includes answering client inquiries, being on time and recommending the right services. This may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many times people ignore their clients’ calls, show up late to appointments and up-sell unnecessary services.


2. Open-ended questions

Asking a client open-ended questions helps you learn more about them, don’t just give them a number, walk away, show your interest! Plus, the more you interact with a client, the more you build a trusting relationship. Remember, open-ended questions help carry out a conversation.


3. Quotes & Follow-ups

Be proactive and show your clients why they should do business with you. Send a detailed quote as soon as you can, after the initial assessment. Following up on your estimates gives the client the nudge they may need to go ahead with a project. People get busy, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. Be mindful of how often and how many reminders you send; you do not want to come off as pushy.

Furthermore, to have return clients, sending them updates and service reminders are great ways to increase business; without having to chase new leads.


4. Referrals

Letting clients do the selling for you is one of the most vital marketing techniques. Social proof such as favourable reviews and word of mouth are also powerful sale tools. It’s important to demonstrate success stories on your website or social media as this will let your prospective clients know the results others’ have achieved working with you.


5. Ask for the close

This may seem awkward at first, but it is all about how you do it. Instead of asking if they will need their outside vents cleaned, say, “I can move on to your outside vents, if you’d like,” if they need the service and of course, let them know it will be an additional charge. Most of the time, people will be receptive and say “okay.” This assumptive close removes the opportunity of a “no.”


And there you have it; lots of service industry experts use these techniques, we hope they help you. Lastly, Using software with estimates, reminders, customer service, scheduling, and tracking features helps provide a smooth service, especially during the initial stages.


Check out YourRadar to send detailed quotes, have reminders and simplify your day-to-day operations and shift your focus on increasing sales!


Check out jobber’s suggestions on questions you can ask to close a deal without coming off as a hard salesman: (


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